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    I currently have a galaxy s7 edge, which has developed a fault, and is going back for a refund.

    As I have the chance to change, I was just wondering if there is anything better than the s7 out there at the minute?

    I am really impressed with how good the s7 edge is, but how does in compare to the One plus 3, etc?

    Any advice welcome.



    Note 7 when you can get hold of it again.

    #keep the S7.

    As above Note 7 or keep the Edge.

    I went from a note 4 to a one plus 3 and to be fair it's pretty decent very fast charging and overall speed

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that!

    What about the P9?

    Note 7

    Note 7 with winter coming itll be handy to have an open fire in the house lol

    Use S7 Edge for work. OnePlus 3 for personal. Both brilliant phones but S7 Edge I find to be better. Keep to a S7 Edge or Note 7 when available again.

    Go for oneplus 3, it's the **** and no lag ever thanks to the 6gb of ram. Plus fast charge it to 80% in 30 minutes. Samsung touch wiz just too darn laggy.


    Note 7 when you can get hold of it again.

    any idea when this will be . my thinking was they will skip the 7 and move to 8 thanks

    Ive heard they are going to prioritise the people who had to send note 7 back to be replaced first then i suppose they will start selling it to the general pubic again but not sure of dates. Sorry

    Galaxy note (beast) 7 without a doubt.

    Stunning phone.

    A little fragile however.

    Original Poster

    when is the note 7 due for release though? I need a phone now and don't really want to have to wait.

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