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Found 6th Jul 2017
My LG G4 has finally, inevitably died. Was thrilled with it when I picked it up 'nearly-new' for £200 when the G5 just launched, but I was oblivious to the common 'boot loop' issue.

I don't like to spend loads on something so easily lost/stolen/broken, but I do like a decent spec. I'd have been perfectly happy with the G4 for *at least* another year, but also don't want to 'downgrade'.

Expect to buy outright and use with giffgaff £7.50 goodybag unless I find some amazing contract offer?

I bought Google phones until they abandoned the mid-range market. I was following the OnePlus 5 launch, but £500 is more than I could ever justify on a phone.

So I'm thinking a OnePlus 3/3T or Moto G Plus? Open to refurb/nearly-new also. Thoughts and suggestions welcomed.
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I have a oukitel k6000 absolute belting phone you'll just have to check out the specs yourself to see how it weighs up to other phones. £150 new…084

Lenovo P2 from Three on PAYG (£210) if it ever comes back in stock. Currently at 1571 degrees!
The OnePlus 3 and the 3T are well worth the money IMHO the difference between the phones is negligible to a average person they all come unlocked so you can use a GG SIM in it, also as it's got 6GB of RAM the phone will be good for 2-3 years usage before you will need to upgrade. This is just my opinion as I upgraded from a 3 to a 3T. They also seem to hold their value as well, I bought my OP3 for £309 on launch day and sold it 2 months ago for £270.
Bobbins P2 from Three on PAYG (£210) if it ever comes back in stock. Currently at 1571 degrees!

I second this......i missed out on the 3 deal but got one for 190 on Ebay......battery is amazing only the latest motorolla comes close as far as i know
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