best android tablet for under £100

Found 21st Oct 2010
i am looking for the best android tablet i can get for around/under £100. need for 2 1/2yr old that loves apps on iphone. any help or advice you can give appreciated. thx
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Surely an android tablet would last about half an hour with a toddler?? They're all made for adults and AFAIK Fisher-Price don't do them.
In all honesty, surely you know that a 2 1/2 year old shouldnt have an android tablet? Just give him a cardboard box.
V-TECH is your answer...
are these more flimsy than the iphone then?
Easy - An Orange San Francisco is £99 with wifi and a good screen --- rave reviews and tough

It's a phone but just unlock and stick in a LycaMobile or Asda sim
I think you would be better getting a older ipod touch, think you can pick up a reconditioned model for about £70 now. Hell of a lot more robust than a cheap android tablet.
Did you get anything sorted?

I want the same sort of thing, but it needs to play labyrinth and that's what struggling with.

Looking at the touch, but can't get an answer as to if the first gens will play labyrinth or not?

Plus he wants a big phone!

We have vetch and lepaster and ds, but a simply ball rolling game on a 7" screen that plays videos too is what I want!
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