Best Anti- Virus at Best Price

    I have just got a new laptop and im after a Anti- Virus. It already has 60 days free Norton should i stick with that or is there a better one at a good price on the market?


    if you have a barclays account use the free Kaspersky AV

    Hi - an I.T security officer at my work recently sent me this link for Microsoft who are doing free AV for home users:…ls/

    I can't verify how good it is as I've stuck with Sophos which we get through our work contract.

    I've been using AVG Free for a couple of years now - No problems & it's free

    Was Reading an article recently as above Microsoft security essentials is the best at the mo and it's free norton is bloatware and will slow down your pc and avg throws up a lot of false alerts avast is also good came second after microsofts offering so I'd go with Microsoft if I were you and see how it goes it picked up a Trojan all the others missed so I'd reomend it

    Avast is free ans excellent...

    Can't beat AVG. I have used it for over 6 years and never had a problem.

    You also can't get cheaper as it's FREE.

    Can't see the sense in paying out on anything else, when AVG works just as well if not better!!!

    I agree with the AVG fans.....Its the best bet. It works, its free!!

    make sure you also get a firewall prog, something else to catch sypware like Malwarebytes and use firefox instead of internet explorer.

    and if that load doesnt slow your system right down, all running together, you're doing well.
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