Best anti virus software

Right you guys helpped me pick my laptop, so will you help me pick the best anti virus software, for the cheapest possible price?

Thank you.



can't get lower than that
it's also the best engineered imho.


I'd personally recommend AOL's active virus shield. It's free and based on Kaspersky Anti-Virus which is head and shoulders better than anything AVG can offer.

Download here activevirusshield.com/ant…adp

AOL stuff nooooooooo The brand makes me cringe.....


AOL stuff nooooooooo The brand makes me cringe.....

but it's Kaspersky..which seems to come out best in most tests....I have it on my PC but it only has free updates for 12 months whereas AVG has no time limit.

AVG £0 cost easy to use.

NOD32...Tops in most reviews


I've been a faithful Norton user since 1998, but recently it got just too unwieldy and I've finally dropped it in favour of NOD32 - small and elegant with frequent updates, and it actually found some which Norton didn't while I was parallel testing ....

Sad as i am - i have always used Nortons internet Security and have had no problems..
Cheapest ive found it was with savapoint at £29:99

Yes people think i am sad..perhaps i should start wearing these comfy slippers and go to AVG which everyone says is good

Being a PC field engineer dealing most of the time with viruses/spyware I would definitely recommend you Kaspersky Antivirus or the free version with some features cut off (web antivirus and proactive defense) ActiveVirusShield, provided by AOL. I know, I avoid all AOL ....ware at any cost...but not that one Do not give them your main email account as spam is to be expected, as stated in their T&C.

You may want to have a look at independent tests like this one:

Ebuyer was selling Kaspersky AV OEM version for a few pounds, but now it seems gone. F- secure and BitDefender are another reliable products.

What to avoid- all flavours of Norton AV/IS and McAfee. Both they used to be good products...like 10 years ago.

AVG is the best. Just about everyone I know uses it.
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