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Found 9th Feb 2008
Just bit the bullet and upgraded my comp to Vista (I know, I know lol)

Anyways i got fed up of Norton and its resource hogging, no virus finding, shoddy coding self.

I need protection asap, so i was wondering what Antivirus and Spyware to go for.

Got a licence for Spyware Doc, but it's also becoming very resource hogging as of late.
I know everyone will say AVG and Avast cause their free but their not even the best free antiviruses in terms of the number of viruses they detect (that honour seems to go to Avira AntiVir)

Anyhows I don't mind paying a bit extra for something thats really good, I'm gonna decide between Webroot's Antivirus & AntiSpyware, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7 (only £17 at the mo) or Avira AntiVir.

Any recommendations? Anyone used any of the above? Experiences with them?

Thanks and as ever all help appreciated
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freeware = AVG
paidware = Kaspersky or ESET NOD32
I use Ad-Aware SE Personal for removing spyware and cookies. Then I use AVG free as my anti virus.
Any of you ever used Avira AntiVir, its free too. Apart from the annoying upgrade nag screen it seemed to perform better than AVG for me.
I use Vista.

I use Avast AntiVirus, it's complete free.
Windows firewall is best firewall, it's complete free
Spybot Search & Destroy for spyware, it's complete free


I use Vista.I use Avast AntiVirus, it's complete free.Windows firewall is … I use Vista.I use Avast AntiVirus, it's complete free.Windows firewall is best firewall, it's complete freeSpybot Search & Destroy for spyware, it's complete free

I've used Avast, Comodo firewall and Spybot S&D on my XP machine.

Windows firewall pre-Vista was not so hot (only monitored incomming connections) - which is OK if you're convinced your anti-virus and anti-spyware are up to the job and don't mind what programs call home. I beleive in Vista you can configure it to be more effective.

I beleive in Vista you can configure it to be more effective.

It's still not that great still. Comodo or even Zonealarm are better.
Kaspersky is quite good but a massive resource hog.

Nod32 is good, but when I had problems a few weeks ago it didnt detect a reoccuring backdoor trojan and a few viruses. and Kasperky did.
AVG :thumbsup:
Windows Defender
Windows Pop Up Blocker
Windows Firewall

All running on this piece of antique junk with no noticable slowdown and, touch wood, all seem to be doing their job.

And of course , all FREE !!!
The best place I've found over the years for free downloads of this kind of software (and really, really solid advice) is ] Look at their home page, right hand-side is a set of links headed as "INFO". Click on the "Top Freeware Picks" and you'll see a whole bunch of solutions to various problem questions.
Aggy has done a post ]here which says the best FIREWALLS, ANTI-VIRUS, ANTI-SPYWARE/MALWARE, ANTI-SPAM and MISC programmes to download
AVG .Came out in top 4 of anti-virus tests.
AVG (free)
AVG Anti Rootkit (Free)
Comodo Professional (Free) Excellent
Spyware Terminator (Free) Realtime spyware protection (not tried on Vista yet)
Adaware SE (Free)
SiteAdvisor (Free) for Firefox and IE7
Firefox with NoScript and AdBlock Plus

All (except Spyware Terminator) used on XP and now on Vista without problem,

Can also recommend Avira antivirus which also works against spyware, but the nag screen drove me nuts and it seems to turn itself off when installing updates which I found disconcerting.

Occassional online scan by Kaspersky just to double check (probably in reality I do this 2 or 3 times a year).
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