Best Apps for a Ipod Touch

    I am getting a Ipod Touch from my boyfriend for Christmas. Having never owned a Ipod before, I am just had a look around the Itunes Store. One of the main draws for me about the Ipod Touch was the Apps you can have but there are thousands upon thousands on the Itunes website and I am really confused!

    Those of you that have a Ipod Touch or a Iphone, which are the best apps?



    jellycar, trace, motochaser, gl golf lite and idrum ministry of sound are my faves.

    shazam is pretty cool

    just browse in the Apps and click on FREE or TOP FEATURED

    I would suggest doing a google search on iphone and itouch applications as there are website which review the applications and they are very useful. Some of the free applications are only trial applications, which can be slightly annoying. Also it is easier to download the applications straight to the itouch rather than through itunes as it syncs to the compuer straight away. I find syncing applications from the computer to iphone or itouch can be hit and miss!
    Good luck and enjoy.

    iPint is cool (for 5 mins). Good one to show the lads.

    All the apps are only for the first time lol. Ichauky is pretty cool.
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