Best AV Receiver For Basic 5.1 Set Up now & future proofed to upgrade speakers later & why.

Posted 4th Apr
Grateful for advice . I am doing a basic low cost speaker set up with mission m-cube se now.

I know I will upgrade my speaker set up in the next year or two.

Which of these AV receiver offers best future proof options & why?

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The Pioneer VSX-934 is your BEST bet and more future proof, and is a fantastic price, these will sell out soon so I would snap one up whilst you can, fantastic features and well future-proofed, the Pioneer AV Receivers are rarely ever reviewed here in the UK, sometimes not ever, but if you change your IP address to Australia, you do find various sites in Australia who do reviews these amps and this as been highly recommended... this is one review from Home Cinema Choice. Its strange how the UK never seems to review these AV receivers and a simple IP address to Australia or the USA does bring up for more reviews for Pioneer Products in search engines.…iew
The AV Industry doesn't do future proofing, they continually bring out new features.
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