Best bang for buck budget camera phone with decent battery and updates

Posted 26th Jul 2019
I'm sure @Mrswitch and others will have some helpful views.

Looking to spend as little as possible to get a phone, as my Nokia 7 Plus charging port is slowly dying and I'm short of cash until I can pick more hours

Things I would like
Best camera (I'm going to miss an optical zoom) for price, ideally snapdragon 6xx/7xx/8xx so I can hopefully use the gCam ports, decent battery life - I hate being low on charge, decent updates, ideally Android One but can live without it. Also UK warranty, refurbs considered.

Does the last one rule out Xiaomi? Been having a look at the A2 but battery life underwhelming, but I'm not sure if the Note Pro 7 will get much in the way of updates?

I might stretch to £200, but less definitely better, even close to £100 if I can something reasonable near that price that will tide me over until I'm a bit more flush.
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