Best bank account in Uk?

Posted 1st Dec
I recently moved to UK and I’m trying to figure out which bank account should i open first. Can anyone tell me which bank is the best with the most benefits
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I use starling simply because it is the best mobile banking app going. Instant notifications even on weekends, balance always bang up to date. Can freeze card via tbe app if you lose it then unfreeze it. Also it has no fees or added conversion rates when using in other countries.

If you want the best customer service then first direct is the best going for that.
Do you have savings?
Do you have direct debit?
Do you need package bank account?
There are several that get you a bonus if you have someone to recommend you... Tsb & Lloyd's, nationwide etc, however the best for customer service is usually first direct and they are bloody good
I have Monzo and haven’t looked back since. Great for savings, loans and overdrafts with notifications about spends and budgets.
It depends what you want. Some want to be easy to use abroad for free, others want phone insurance, or breakdown cover, high interest for savings, low interest for overdraft, no monthly fee or benefits, fee but with benefits that suit you, good mobile app, easy phone or internet banking, local banks. Think what you need and find one that suits you from that.
Another vote for Starling.
Starling by far
I would never leave First Direct they are the best all round.
I also have a starling account for purchasing overseas.
A TSB to get 3% on £1500.00.
Nationwide to get £100.00 referral fee and 5% on £2500.00 around £10 a month for a year.
That place under your matress.
Do you have an overdraft?

Do you want all your savings and borrowing in the same place?

Do you feel youll need to visit a physical branch?

Do you care about brand?
Monzo or Starling

I would of said Monzo by far until they updated their app. Not a fan of the new layout
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