best batteries for toys?

    With xmas coming up i want to stock up on some decent batteries.I have a energizer 15 min charger and energizer and uniross batteries, the thing is they dont work very well at all in toys, so i was thinking of eneloop,hyrbrid has anybody used these sucsessfully in toys,oh also will i be able to charge them in the 15min charger i have or will i need a seperate charger


    15 minute chargers kill batteries mate, compare forcing a full charge into a battery in 15 minutes rather than a steady 6+ with you ramming a 3 course meal down your gullet in five minutes. I think the general consensus on them is they are ok once in a while but for prolonged lifetime of batteries steady is still best.

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    yes i see what your saying mate have you got some eneloop yourself

    What kind of toys?

    Ahem, AHEM....

    Best plugging it into the mains...........


    yes i see what your saying mate have you got some eneloop yourself

    Bought some of the hybrio from wilko's when they was on offer (£6.99 for four with a free charger) and they do well in my camera, takes around 250 shots so comparable to energizer ultimates in the throwaway area.


    What kind of toys?Ahem, AHEM....Best plugging it into the mains...........


    For some reason ive now got the stupid song "]run rabbit, run rabbit, run run run"

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    ok you got me lol.I actually clicked that link and listened to it all,now im worried lol
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