Best battery bank for mobile phone?

Found 21st Mar 2013
Could anyone please suggest a safe mobile battery bank. I would be using it for Samsung S2/S3, Galaxy Tab and i phone on a 8 hr flight. There are thousands out there but some are unsafe and mentioned to have burnt out devices. Some of you would be using certain ones which are safe through experience. Please inform me. Thanks in advance.
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I use a couple of 10000mAh Anker packs. They take forever to charge themselves but charge devices really quickly and last for ages.
Well, if you have all 3 devices charged when you leave, they should last a fair while. The bigger the better in some ways, but also expensive. If you want reliable, go with Nokia - their rather charming DC-16 portable charger is going cheap, and will fully charge the S2 or S3. If you need to fully recharge all 3 then something larger will be needed.
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