Best Battery Charger & Batteries - Technoline & Eneloop Pro's ? (AA, AAA & 9v)

    I'm keen on the Eneloop Pro batteries for the slower discharge and higher capacity, I'm not worried about having ONLY 500 charge cycles v's 2100 - that's a lifetime of recharges for me anyway.

    I'm also after a new charger to ensure that all the batteries are kept in optimum condition.

    So I'm looking at the Technoline range of chargers. Is the BC-1000 that much better than the BL700 ?

    The items I need these for are:-

    SureFlap CatFlat (4x AA's)
    LED Lenser P7.2 (4x AAA's)
    Bosch PLR 25 (4x AAA's)
    Protometer Surveymaster (9v)
    Tramex Concrete Moisture Meter (9v)
    Humidity & Temperature Meter (9v)

    Other than the torch, none are particularly high drain devices, but I'm thinking it's still best to get the Eneloop Pro's for the higher capacity and therefore longer usage(discharge) and shelf life(sat in appliance not being used)

    Currently looking at getting the AA's & the AAA's from Maplins, they seem well priced, can also get cashback and don't have to worry about dodgy imports/fakes etc.

    Looking to get the charger and enesense 9v's (are these like eneloop?) from Battery Logic, again, due to not having to worry about dodgy imports or fakes.

    Does anyone have any tips/recommendations on anything I should be looking out for? I don't mind if what I'm buying is a little overkill for my needs, I'd rather that than be **** about changing batteries all the time or risking the equipment with poor quality batteries.

    I currently have energizer charger which I can use to charge the 9v batteries as the Technoline doesn't do 9v's. Can anyone recommend a good smart charger that will work with 9v's too?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Anyone? oO
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