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    Can anyone give me some advise on where to buy really nice white bed linen, you know the kind of stuff you get in posh hotels which is crisp and cool and doesn't fall to bits when you wash it. I thought high thread count was the trick but it seems that you can still have rubbish made with a high thread count (and very thin threads). Ideally I would like to spend up to £100 for a King Size Set. Thanks in advance.


    My mum always recommends Dorma, she always buys that now and wouldn't buy anything else

    This stuff :…tml

    They have a white set that you could get for under the £100

    Northern Nights on QVC very high quality


    Try John Lewis. A lot of hotel's and statly homes lords/ladys buy linen from John Lewis


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    Do I go for percale or sateen if I am looking for the crisp cool hotel feel? I heard sateen is much softer and tend to go bobbly quicker.

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    I find this whole thing surprisingly confusing!

    As Tracymac says try NORTHERN NIGHTS from QVC http;// BUT read the customer reviews for the individual duvet/sheet bed sets, some are not as good quality as others. I've got some sets and they are good quality, HOWEVER, had some not so good and have returned them. You get fitted bottom sheet, duvet cover and usually 4 pillow cases with double size and above, 2 with single. Be warned, because the thread count of the material is higher than the norm, this makes the duvet cover heavier to handle and heavier on the bed, but well worth it. Hope this helps.
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