Best beer deal at the moment?

    Anyone seen any cracking deals lately? Have got all the major super markets relatively close to where I live, best to get some now before the rush on Fri/Sat lol Cheers for your help


    we got two 15 can packs of carlsberg for £15 in asda, quite a few others on special at 3 cases for £20
    just checked and its changed today you get 3 X 15 can packs for £20

    Sainsburys was doing large pack today 24 cans for £10

    morrisons 3 cases of different beers/ciders for £18 - i am grabbing this deal for the weekend:)

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    all sound great thank you all :-) Had only looked in Tesco and they're deals were rubbish but looks like the other main stores have brilliant deals on at the mo, Thanks again

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    how many cans were in the cases in the deal at morrisons? Thats the closest one to me so I'll have a look there first


    cases in morrisons are 15 cans

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    Brilliant thanks
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