Best beer for a party? Best deal?

    Can anyone recommend the best beer to buy for a party, I have my daughters christening coming up and have no idea whats the best one to buy, also best deals on beer at the minute just been to tesco and they didn't seem to have any deals? Thanks :thumbsup:


    Carling 20 x 300ml bottles - 7.49 (half price)
    Guinness Draught 10 x 530ml cans - 10.19 (about 3 quid off i think)

    those seem to be the only ones on offer in sainsburys, always good to check out
    morrisons, and as for recommendations, it really just comes down to preferance really.

    #Asda or tesco have a 3 case for £30 offer on.

    I think Lidl have 20 bottles of stella [small ones] for 6.99?

    Asda 3 cases for £30 would be my choice. You can mix and match and get it delivered if you order on line (make sure you use a free delivery code!!) :-D
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