Best bet for streaming sports?

    Hi All

    Looking to set something up for streaming sports mainly, and some files from my external HDD tro TV. Looking to spend as little as possible but, hence the options listed which are both under £50, but I would consider spending more if I have to to get a better smoother quality picture etc

    Would like to go with the Pi B+ as can also use as cloud, but is this quick enough to stream sport on XBMC or others?
    Was looking at the sumvision…791 but would this be better or quicked than the Pi?
    Are there any other options worth considering?
    Any other advice, recommendations, reviews etc gratefully received.

    Thanks for reading


    Yeah the pi will stream OK menus aren't as snappy but once it settles down its OK

    Original Poster

    Thanks for that, how ould you compare it to a laptop stream?

    Red Devil PJB

    Thanks for that, how ould you compare it to a laptop stream?

    Well I just found a plugin for it called p2p stream which I'd never heard of it so I tried it first on kodi on my Android tablet and the streams where great so will try it on my pi when I get chance

    Original Poster

    Thanks again, shall wait to see how you get on!
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