Best bike for my son advice please. Links given.

    My son needs a new bike. Firstly we have looked locally and he hasnt seen any he likes so please dont say let him choose. Between us these are the two we are thinking of.
    One is what you call an hybrid i think and the other a mountain bike. We live in the lincolnshire countryside so very flat. He uses mainly roads and a few dirt tracks, tow paths etc. No hills anywhere in site and unlikely to go on very uneven tracks.
    Money is an issue and we cant really spend more so please bear that in mind!
    If you could suggest anything else for similar money please do.…s=1…549

    Sorry dont seem to be able to make them direct links.
    Thank you I wouldd appreciate any advice as we really arent bikey people.


    Most 'proper' cyclists will ALWAYS say that you should never buy a bike mail order ... much better to visit your local bike shop, discuss your needs with them and let them guide you.

    With bikes, you really do get what you pay for

    A good bike is a pleasure to ride ... a cheap bike isn't

    yeah i'd agree with previous person go to a shop get measured etc and buy within your budget :thumbsup:

    good luck

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys repped you all. To be honest i am hopefully going to our local shop as they say they can get most bikes in. If they can get near these prices i will as they give a full service before they hand the bike over.
    You can even take it back for a check up after a few weeks at no cost.
    Thanks ding for the links.

    Here's the Claude Butler…070

    No delivery charge, unless you want it fully assembled plus free lock and pump

    Original Poster

    Thanks think i would pay the delivery charge and get it fully would save me and the OH having arguments all afternoon in the garage. He never reads instructions hence i always have to sort everything out once he has done it wrong. LOL thanks given you some rep.
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