Best Blackberry Deal with unlimited texts and internet

    I'm looking into a new contract as it looks like I will be able to cancel my Orange one due to the terms and conditions change so I was wondering what the best deal was.

    I want a Blackberry of some description on any network with unlimited texts and internet. I don't care about minutes as I never use them. No cashback please, but I don't mind which network.

    Many thanks for your help,



    the best way to get a good deal for me was to cancel the contract and wait for the phone provider to start calling you trying to keep you with them, just keep saying the deal isnt good enough and wait until 1 week to go before the month notice is up and i gaurantee they will call from special retentions or something catchy like that with the best deal

    T-mobile do what your after for £35 a month I think for the Curve.

    You might get it less if you haggle in store.

    EDIT: they had it for £30 a month recently on a special offer it may still be running??
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