Best BlackBerry for £140?

    What is the best all round blackberry i can get for this price?

    Was favoring the Bold over the Curve...



    Depends what you want it for !

    You will be licky to get a bold for £140.

    Basically there are two types or curve and two types of bold. I rulled out the pearl range becuase of the screen size and not fully qwerty keyboard.

    Cure 8300 range only has 2mp camera and no 3G but does run EDGE and has 320x240 display

    Curve 8900 has 3.2 auto focus camera and better 490x360 display but still no 3G

    The curve is a really nice pocket size phone.

    The Bold 9000 has 3G the better display but only 2 MP camera, and is quite a lot bigger than the curve and is slower than the curve 8900

    the newest is the Bold 9000 - hi res display 3G 3.2 camera and the size of the curve but it costs £300 upwards even on the bay.

    I jumped into the BB pool with the curve 8320 and love it. Nice size and I got mine for £75.

    You will be lucky to get a tidy curve 8900 for £140 prob nearer £170ish, but for me the screen on the 8320 is fine more phone text email etc even for basic web browsing.

    The Bold 9000 is a bigger phone and more basic - slower processolr I beleive and not worth the premium price.

    I will be sticking with my 8320 until I can get a 8900 for a sensible price - less than £150, but just for the better camera and more internal memory for apps.

    also should add that I thought i would miss 3G after coming from Nokia 5800 and HTC Kaiser but TBH with RDGE the internet is fast enough for the likes of the BBC News, Facebook, looking up pubs restraurants etc, so not really missing 3G at the moment



    Original Poster

    Really appreciate this mate.


    I was hoping to pick up a bold as i thought this would be the best one for me with quicker internet..

    Hopefully £140 for a good condition one off here? :thinking:
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