Best blackberry sim only contract?

    hi i recently bought a blackberry and thought it would be great cause o2 were doing really good sim only contracts from £10-15 a month including "unlimited" data 300mins and unlimited texts, ive just found out they have all expired at the end of july which isnt ideal, i haev always been and pay 7 go customer of theres recently so have no foundations to hanggle anything on i dont think.. id now be willing to switch networks and am looking for the criteria o2 were offering for that price, is there one out there anywhere?? whats my best bet?



    o2 simplicity still do £15.00 month for 12 months, 300mins. unlimited text it is only the data that has altered, work out how much you use a month. Still a good deal
    Tesco have just revamped their sim only deals, they use O2

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    yeah that o2 costs an extra £5 for blackberry internet and stuff, i have been running around town and it seems all bb sim only contracts start at £20 so its pretty slim pickings on the budget front,

    as it turns out im going to stick to pay as you go i think, i have unlimited texts for £10 a month and through a new Bb bolt on i get 500mb blackberry service, so for £10 i get unlimited texts and blackberry leaving me with £5 for calls.. i like the fact i can never be charged more than i top up and am used to not being a big caller so happy days!!

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    btw cheers for the help chappy.. my blackberry has word mole probs the best game ever
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