Best Box Currently for IPTV

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What is currently the best box for IPTV? Currently using Zgemma H.2S

Requirements are:
* Recordable TV - Dual Turner if Possible (record one whilst watching another)
* Fast
* Reliable
* HD Quality
* Good GUI
* Subtitles
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I too am interested in the replies to this as I am looking for a box with subtitle capabilities.
Edision OS mini is what I use but I don't use it for iptv. Use it for cable TV instead. I use an nvidia shield for iptv needs.
Whats wrong with the Zgemma H.2S? I use the same box without issues
I use it directly on my Samsung smart tv through the iptv official app - it works flawlessly
you need to understand your post is wrong in a way

a zgemma is not really a IPTV box, zgemma uses whats known as card sharing and cline or nlines etc and come as a sat tuner or cable/rf tuner or both.

Yes i know about this a lot as on some boards, as well as my mate has done it for 5 years.

Now sky has gone ( only bt sports and a few others channels really working) most have gone to h2h for one sat feed and virgin.

A real IPTV is something like a mag250 box or get a kodi box and a IPTV program. MY TV (LG) has smartiptv in it as well. But i used a program on my kodi box to my mates IPTV

remember as-well IPTV is not recordable

on images like VIX you can have subs on the channels as long as you set the box up right under the av settings and audio etc
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I too have edision. I tried iptv, and had the option to record. I just found the quality utter pants. So I ditched it.

I don't watch sports and films / amazon tv etc can be downloaded by other means and copies over to edision box.
Get yourself a fire stick go with perfect player as this offers a really nice epg and it’s quick on channel zapping. Not really a need for recording as most good iptv providers will offer upto 7 days catch up tv
Mine does anyway. If you want a enigma2 box I’d recommend Vu+ boxes there great with iptv.
You can record one and watch another one
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