Best brake discs for Audi A4 B8?

Posted 19th Oct
They need changing !!!

Anyone know of any good brake discs?

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Take it to an Audi dealership.
I go with euro parts reviews/ recommend. And 50% discount if I can get it
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I've used German and Swedish Autoparts in the past, generally half of dealership prices, think they are called GSF now.
Get the cheapest disc's you can and spend what you save on brake pads. It's the pads that make the difference. Mintex 1144 pads are excellent.
Brake disc's warp because of bad driving habits (keeping your foot on the brake when stopped). Never had a problem with cheap discs.
In the past I had bad breaking habbits due to the job, Last minute hard breaking and would warp the discs.
Until 5 years ago the best pads were halford own brand ( they now use euro car parts brake pads so dont know )
I would go for ATE or Textar, fitted as standard on lots of cars.
Ive paid for all the top brands of discs only to find the cheapest discs lasted the longest.
I killed a set of lucas discs in 10 days on my old diesel rover.
Pagid from eurocarparts all the way
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