Best brand for aftermarket car parts

    The handbrake cables on my 7th generation (2005) Civic have stretched and need replacing. The original Honda part is £120 each. This is far more than I would like to spend.

    Euro Car Parts have Pagid ones for £44 each. The following are available for less at around £35 each:

    First Line

    I was wondering which were the better aftermarket brands out of the above. Is it worth paying extra for Pagid? They seem to be exclusive to ECP.

    Also, the AC condenser on my 7th generation (2005) was damaged when I had an accident late last year. The AC hasn't worked since. The original Honda part is £240. Again, this is much more than I'm prepared to spend.

    I was wondering which aftermarket brand was the best out of:


    Many thanks!


    I'm sure there is a Honda Civic forum that might be the best place to ask

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    I already did but the forum seems pretty dead and I didn't get any replies.

    I'd go with Nissens for the condenser. To be fair though Delphi and EIS are both big OEM outfits (but it wouldnt surprise me if they rebadged nissens parts).

    I think First Line are just a generic brand - buying stuff in from china and packaging- I'd not choose them. Don't know NK/Herth+Buss

    Pagid and Delphi should be fine, i wouldnt worry about those 2 brands as they are pretty well known.

    Any of the others, I'm not sure

    have u tried gsf they were cheaper than euro on parts i got recently

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    I'd fit the pagid ones for the handbrake cable and the nissens for the condenser.

    I couldn't get GSF to bring up a handbrake cable for it but on eurocarparts sister site they listed each side as £19.14 but no brand info but you could give them a call to ask.

    Depending if you live in the Midlands or not SDL are pretty good for Japanese parts or try your local motor factors.

    I was using a reg from a '03 type R so the price might differ with yours but I can't see the handbrake cable being any different on any 7th gen, even with or without ABS.

    Hi mate. Are you sure its the cables that have streched. Usually on the civics its the levers on your calipers sticking or if its drums the shoes needing adjusted or replaced. Cables tend to sieze up rather than stretch

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    Thanks everyone especially HondaLad and 123batman321.

    123batman321: I think you're right I forgot I had an issue with the rear wheel stick last year. ATS Euromaster tried to sort it but it came back and I called the RAC out because I had to get to work the morning. Just dug out the paperwork and the RAC man wrote

    "Near side rear wheel sticking due to the handbrake lever behind the wheel rusting up. Cleaned and greased the lever. Now working OK"

    So does it sound like the handbrake levers need replacing rather than the cables? How much am I looking to get this done? I think I'll tell the garage to only replace the handbrake cables if they are stretched.

    HondaLad: Some really useful information there. I found the Nissens condenser on eBay for around £50 and the Nissens receiver dryer for less than £20.

    I found this vehicle AC specialist very near to me:

    The reason I like to buy the parts myself as usually find they are more expensive and not cheaper if I let them supply them. I also like to know what brand and model numbers of the parts that have been fitted. This is one reason I dislike GSF as it doesn't tell you the brand of the part.

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