Best Brands of Digital Cameras

    I'm looking at buying a new digital camera as i dropped and broke ours, i dont have a lot to spend with it just being christmas so was looking to spend up to around £100 im just wondering for this price what brands i should look out for and which ones i should avoid any help would be greatly appreciated thanks x


    Also after a budget digital camera to, have about £50 to spend. Need mainly for things like ebay pictures but would like to dable with photography in general. Just need something that can take a nice clear,crisp image that will show of the subject matter.

    Just saw a great deal for a Sony 14mp for about £100- will go try find it

    Reduced from £259.99 to £99 click here

    Not sure of the RRP though as they always tend to be over inflated to begin with

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    Panasonic always make great cameras


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