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Found 14th Jul 2009
I've bought a new car (3 months old) but would like to join either the RAC or the AA.

I've heard of Greenflag but don't know anything about them.

Not sure if homestart would be for me as the car is under warranty.

Your kind advice please!
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I get RAC through Tesco Clubcard Points. So if you do happen to shop at Tesco and collect them, then have a quick look on the Clubcard site. Remember everyclubcard £1 is worth £4 on deals!! I get Full RAC cover for about £43 a year.
ooh Yes I do have a clubcard!

Thank you for that. I will go and check it out.

Mucho appreciated.
Autoaid is the cheapest full cover in the UK i beleive £37 for the year, cover you and spouse in any car you are driving.…htm
are you or anyone in your family a student?........or with barclays bank?......u get it for free....if u wanna know how i'll let u know
Have a look here, I think this is the cover you may want:…ing
if its only 3 months old it should have breakdown cover for at least the next 9 months
always get our cover for free whether its as a special offer or it goes along with a bank account, car insurance etc.

wouldnt pay for it x x
Thanks for all the replies.

I am on the tesco site on another window and there are lots of RAC options to choose from.

I will check first if I am covered already for the first 9 months, thank you for that information.

I am with Barclays but don't have an Additions account which is the one that qualifies for free breakdown cover.

Cheers everyone, some great advice.:thumbsup:
What make car is it? As dimebars said some manufacturers give free assistance?

If it's a new car do you really need it? Can you change a punctured tyre etc?
Also ring you car insurance company the can usually add it on
Keep your clubcard points.
I got recovery ( Not home start) from RAC through Quidco for £32

As stated above all brand new cars have at least 12 cover.
For green flag go through Devit da a bike ins company
On there main site find site map the breakdown cover is very good and cheap aslo it picks you up for free after a crash most charge for that.
If not join quidco and then the AA for good cash back
Join RAC, they offer a wide range of rewards:
Check to see if the cover is for you or the car
If they can beat recovery for £32 go for it.
If not....why are people suggesting them?
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