Best Broadband?

    I'm looking to move broadband. I'm with Pipex at the moment on Solo 250 and am paying 24.99 per month inc free calls. I've left this too long i think it's a rip off as i also still pay the BT line rental.
    I have tried to change this package (they regraded to old packages and i can get faster for same money or similar speed (2mb) for £14.99 without calls)
    It's a hassle tyrong to change. I have to cancel then restart as they cannot upgrade via phone or internet.
    Is there any other provider anyone can suggest.
    I quickly looked at BT option 1 and seems to be good value @ £9.95 per month

    How long does it take to change over? is it complicated?

    thanks in advance


    I'm with (former NDO) - still one of the best in reliability, speed and customer services (after Zen). The service is top notch. I'm on 2Mbps with 5GB monthly allowance for £14.99, but there are various other, cheaper and more expensive packages.

    Before considering Tiscali I would view their forums at


    look at the service forums and draw your conclusions

    sky seem to have a good package dont how good they are tho.

    Please, whatever you do, do not ever think of using 'Talk Talk'. My old man changed from Tiscali, after a whole year of trouble free broadband and his experience with Talk Talk has been a litany of disaster. His experience with Tiscali is very good, however.

    Personally, I'm using Telewest, and have done for over 4 years. In all that time, I can count the number of down days on one hand and mo. Telewest are absolutely fantastic.

    Hope it helps.

    I changed from AOL to Orange a few weeks back.

    No trouble whatsoever, seemless change over with no loss of Broadband.

    I pay £19.99 for 8meg no limits and unlimited free calls to UK and abroad via your free wireless Router (Livebox)

    Not the cheapest you can get but v good vfm imo.

    I wouldnt recommend any other company than demon. The service is out of this world, downtime is almost nill and while the cost isnt the greatest (£19.99 for dynamic IP, or £24.99 for static ip) there are no limits.

    I use

    19.99 for up to 8mb and 10gb monthly peak-time download. Not the cheapest around but in 2 years i've never had a problem. Also, I'm maybe rung the tech line 3 times and always got straight through to someone who knows what they are talking about. Can't see how it could be better support.

    I'm on skybroadband 8mb 'Connect'

    For £26 a month I get all 6 their 'mix' channels, 8mb broadband with 40gb a month allowance plus free evening and weekend calls.

    Connection fee is £20 - You do however get a netgear wireless 108mbps modem router already containing your username and password so it's just plug and go when your lines activated.

    With a little bit of fiddling you can use your own modem router if you wish.

    Speed of setup and service is top class. :thumbsup:

    Whilst there will always be many people unhappy with their ISPs I am relatively happy with mine - Orange. What's more the Broadband is free when you take out a mobile phone package of 30 pounds per month or over. Currently I have Dolphin package which gets me 550 minutes across all networks, unlimited texts and free broadband (and an excellent Sony Erikson K800i phone upgrade too). Understand Sky do something similar?

    Original Poster

    thanks for the input guys.
    I have an orange mobile on a £30 month + 12 months cash back over 12 months (i think there's only 3 or 4 months left, but it's worth a try for free broadband.

    i have started the cancellation process with Pipex. I must say i have never had any problems with Pipex it's just so difficult to change a package.

    the offer i have (mistake on my part) from pipex is 8mb @ £14.99 (i don't do alot of downloading) this does not include calls.

    i'm tempted to stay with them but if this cancellation process goes "to pot"! i will be moving!

    if you want orange broadband you would have to start the whol 12 months contract again as i asked that too, so no point

    Try for an impartial guide and performance stats

    After youve chosen one, remember to go through Quidco to get extra cashback on your signup

    I agree with thekanester, don't go anywhere near TalkTalk, the trouble I've had (and still have) with them is unbelievable!

    It depends what you mean by 'best'. If someone asks you 'where is the best place to shop', you can't just say Netto because it's the cheapest. Similiarly you couldn't say Waitrose because of the quality of food.

    If you just want something cheap with a good speed, Sky Broadband is great. If you already have Sky then you can get unlimited 8 meg broadband for £10 a month (assuming you're in one of the areas that allows this, otherwise you may need to use the 'Connect' service). However, the customer service is poor and it's a bit of a pain to set up.

    Orange avoid at all costs keep sending me letters telling me I owe them £36 for broadband I haven't even used orange are now threating legal action against me

    Original Poster

    looks like the free orange broadband is only for 18 month contracts.

    thanks for the link to the broadband info website. very informative for someone who doesn't know the first thing about broadband etc

    will keep you informed of how the pipex changeover goes

    i'm in talktalk hell :(, trying to get out from them

    for me eclipse looks good.

    I'm with TalkTalk and have to pay £10 per month because of our local exchange. I was with TalkTalk before the 'free' offer paying £18.99 per month for unlimited broadband. I have to say I have had no problems with them except getting through to customer service when the 'free' offer was first announced.

    no you can get it for 12month but theres a catch its on certain contracts and if you forget to inform them in the begining of the contract they ask you to start the 12months again to get broadband which makes it a bad deal, so far i think the sky deal sounds very good, as ive got homechoice and im paying double the amount for tv, 4mb internet unlimited usuage, and unmlimited calls anytime, no wireless router. the picture quality is no way near skys, cant wait till my contract ends. lol

    This broadband debate seems very hit and miss. I`ve just cancelled with Tiscali after no end of problems, and am looking at the alternatives. Talk Talk looks like the best deal by a mile at £19.99 including line rental. is it really that bad ??

    Eclipse were good when we were with them a couple of years ago. ]http//ww…uk/ only left them because it worked out cheaper getting a tv, phone, net package with Telewest when we moved.

    I think it all depends on how much you use the internet and how much you download on a monthly basis.
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