Best Broadband And Phone Package Help

    hI LOOKING FOR unlimited broadband and a good phone package. With cheap calls all day. Can't tell which one is the best please help


    Most companies do phone/broadband packages these days, but which is best for you really depends on a lot of things.

    For example if you're with Vodafone for your mobile then ]Vodafoneathome is a very reasonable call/broadband package. Also If you're exchange is LLU capable then you can often get a better deal. etc.

    People like Pipex, BT, Plusnet, Virgin Media, Talk Talk etc. all do combined packages. I'd suggest looking around on ]http//ww…om/ which is an independent broadband review/information site where you can see real customer ratings and comments on particular companies.

    Hope that helps.

    Lately I've read some good deals going on about Virgin Media, give them a ring, tell them what you want and see if you can get yourself a good deal. After that hope nothing goes wrong with your service because everytime I've had to ring up due to broadband connection dieing (only 3/4 times in past 4years or so) there service is worse than *****, they have no idea. Just tell you to turn your router on and off which makes as much difference as giving a monkey apples.


    virgin best for unlimited but talktalk best overall but limited to 40gig a month but ur aloud to go over

    Tiscali do a £19.99 per month deal...

    Includes 8Mb unlimited broadband, line rental, free UK anytime calls.
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