best broadband deal.

    my 18 months is up on orange. i currently pay 19.99 unlimited, do u know if they will give me a good deal to stay on, and what is a good deal on broadband?
    thanks in advance.


    If you can give us your postcode we can see what is available in your area

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    ie back of beyond

    Nothing wrong with Aber!

    I'm in the same situation as my contract has been up for a while with orange.. I've had enough with them over charging me £4 a month every month... I phone and they apoligise and promise to put it right and then the very next month I get charged another £4 to much.. I am on a good deal with them on what in my bill is described as a staff discount tarrif.. £12.99 for 2mb..

    My exchange is ADSL max only so none of the good offers available to me...

    My post code region is LD7

    I've been with Be almost a year and never had a reason to call customer services. speeds are always good, there's been very very minimal disruption, and when they do have to do work, they send you an e mail to warn you in advance and it's done in the middle of the night.

    But then, coming from AOL, they're bound to seem perfect :-D

    I have been using TalkTalk for the last 18 months and have had no problems. I am currently paying £21 per month for phone and broadband (getting around 7mb). You will probably read bad reviews on the web about TalkTalk but I have personally had no issues whatsoever.

    I even had BT ringing me to try and come back to thembut when I told them what I was getting TalkTalk for they said that there was no way that they could beat that price for phone and internet.

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    yeah just want to get the best deal - like we all do orange have been good, but i just got £120 phone bill so have to cut some corners somewhere. Thankyouuuu.
    Engaged to a welshman so think my internet shopping addiction will continue into the future, as u know we have no shops in Aber

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    Spoke to orange and now pay 12.99 on a 12 month contract with a free hanset for my livebox to make free evening and weekend calls and first 3 months free. so opted for that. first off they wanted 20.00 on a 18 month contract!
    thanks again guys

    currently paying £12.99 with orange was 17.99 a month until i said could they match the aol package of £14.99 a month 8mb, worked a treat currently on 8mb or up to as but get speeds or around 6.5 which is good for me

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    yeah i get 8mb too but for what i use it for (shopping!) thats fine

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    i'm with AOL on:
    AOL Silver upto 8meg £9.99 a month (free netgear wireless router) including AOL Talk Unlimited (normally £5.49/month) for free.
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