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    Coming to the end of my Sky broadband contract, theybe not offered any retention deals to me. So looking for cheapest non sky broadband deal. Whats the best option?


    Sign in online and go to cancel you will get offered something at the end if not go on live chat.

    Same situation here too,I'll try and get on chat see what they offer

    I swear i'm starting to sound like a BT sponsor but they have a good deal going on that expires today I think. Go through topcashback for £90 and they also give you £100 voucher I think it was, depending on which package you take.

    Otherwise I hear plusnet has a good broadband deal on.

    If you go through uswitch you cannot use topcashback/quidco because they get paid instead of you. It takes only a few minutes to check all the ISP websites and then topcashback/quidco and compare the final prices. Deals change almost on a weekly basis so best to keep checking back.

    Just changed mine over to BT today , £101 topcashback as I took fibre and call package, and a £100 MasterCard once it is installed. Unlimited fibre is £10 month for a 12 month package line rental works out at just over £17 a month if you pay the year in advance as you get extra discount. £49 to activate fibre. Thanks also to penguinsforall as I was torn between a couple of deals. Also when you apply online it says they will give you a new phone number , which I finally had confirmed via live chat today isn't true , and the final page of the offer confirms they will swap your existing number.

    Ring them. Pester them. Tell them of other offers and that you want to stay with sky but the offers you have been offered so far are not making it easy to stay. Your call will be escalated and you'll get a much better deal to stay. We did a few days ago. Moved house and our connection went from 13mbps to 1.5 Mbps. We kicked up a fuss and are now paying less than we were with fibre being activated by the 21st.

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    thanks for info everyone. Im not fussed aboht fibre as i dont have any issue with our current connection.

    Ive already tried speaking to sky as i do every year but they arent budging this time depsite giving me full tv (in films and sports for £32), when i go through their website i get offered £2.50 for broadband but with full price line rental.

    The only thing that concerns me with BT is the higher set up costs vs sky, and sky don't charge to send an engineer out, though BT charge £130 if it's proven that its not a problem their end
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