Best broadband deals for N. Ireland?

Hi there
I was looking at the recent 02 broadband deal last week but couldnt take it up as I have a virgin phone line/ broadband. I am thinknig of leaving virgin because my bills are always around £60 plus a month and I am paying for weekend/evening calls / broadband and landline only - we do not have a tv subscription just freeview. The broadband is £12.50 a month, I think its 4 or 10 mg not sure.
Orange internet is not available where i live in belfast, and i may be restricted because of having the virgin set up......... anyone got a good service in n.ire and paying less??
thanks for any responses!


My Parents are in Ards & on Orange - but only get 1mb download speed! Tiscali/Talk Talk would only do 1MB download speed too.

02, cheapest and best. if you're an o2 user, either pay as you go or contract, you get money off the bill. Very fast and good service. 9 odd quid a month.

I probably woulda recommended virgin as I think one of the servers are there so you'd get very good download speeds, why not phone them, if you take the tv it reduces the price of your package.

For instance we have 10mb Broadband, the phone line and the free tv package and it only costs us £25 a month.
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