Best Broadband deals that have rewards?

Found 31st Jul
for example when you join BT you get a reward card depending what package you buy. my bt contract finishes today and I would like to switch to a different braodbanf provider but not sure who. I want something similar like the Bt package that gives you reward card etc? do other providers do that too. appreciate everyone's help
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topcashback? they usually have quite a few providers on there.

I switched to EE's landline and broadband recently, £19/month + £100 MasterCard reward card, an 18 month contract. Switched from Plusnet who were charging me £30 a month. The deal works out roughly £13.50/month altogether (the equivalent of).

On the downside I'm having difficulty using for calls as this doesn't seem to connect on EE's landline for some reason. I must try and get this sorted out soon. If you're using these types of providers you may want to check that out. Sky for example doesn't allow the 1899 prefix though you can call via their 0808 number.

On the plus side I don't use my landline that often anyway, so no big deal if I don't get it sorted.

Beware of TalkTalk by the way, they have a very bad reputation, their customer services is very poor.
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Virgin give new customers £50 bill credit and whoever refers them so potentially £100

£29 a month for v6 tivo, 100mbps bb, free weekend calls and line rental = £18 per month if you also pay line rental upfront (£196)
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