best broadband for NON BT Line rental


    I'm on virgin for tv and phone which Im happy with , but would like to change internet provider ...does anyone know of any good deals without changing to BT line.???

    Im intrested in this mobile internet where u need a dongle ????? does anyone use this , whats your opinion on it ?


    i get t-mobile w+w plus and use it with a pc card on my laptop, its supposed to be capable of 7.2mbps, it connects at about 1.6 and its ok web pages load really quickly but that obviously will depend on your signal e.g gprs/3g/hsdpa, not sure about downloading stuff though as not really done that.

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    how much is that

    ]Be Broadband is always worth checking out, if you can get it in your area and want a fast connection.

    And i would be cautious about the dongle broadband..its still a developing technology and I wouldnt want to get sucked into a year or twos contract when you prices/speeds/technologies may change dramatically before your contracts up.

    I'm in the same predicament, and like always everyone lists be or o2...but like the original poster said he DOESN'T have a BT line, which be and O2 require.

    united002 points out an interesting product: its a mobile broadband dongle: you only get 3 gigs a month, so its no good for downloading things in bulk, but if its just websites and email it should be sufficient... Add to that the fact that you can use it on the move, and that it costs a similar amount to many entry-level broadband packages I think its a bit of a bargain!
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