Best Broadband Internet Offers

    As per title really, what is the best internet provider? and the best deal for unlimited access?. Any suggestions or comments from users would be helpful ie: connection speed, help/support etc. Thanks


    From personal experience, i've found talktalk fantastic. I get unlimited broadband at speeds upto 8mb, landline and free landline calls anytime. Obviously everyone makes a few calls that aren't included. But my bill for everything is never more than about 32 quid, average is about 28 a month. Great value!:thumbsup: Have had a few problems with customer services, but then, i have problems with any companies customer services!!!:p
    Connection charge is 30 ithink, that includes a wireless router, so not bad value.
    Its an option for you anyway.:thumbsup:

    I'm with o2 and call them up (I have a phone contract with them - about 5 years worth of loyality) and they offered me the basic internet package (inc. unlimited downloads) for free for 12 months!! The speed will easily allow two computers streaming iplayer at the same time so it's not too slow.
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