Best Broadband ISP (Pref with PS3!)

    OK, the in laws have decided they like the Internet and have finally agreed dial up is too slow! So they are going to go Broadband and have been to Carphonewarehouse shop.

    They liked the following deal (this was in the magazine - i can't find it online):

    Talk Talk Global Evening & Weekends

    > £29.99 Set up fee
    > £6.45 per month (after 3 moths initially at £3.25)
    > £10.50 per month Line rental (Pay TalkTalk instead of BT)
    > Includes evening and weekend calls to UK and 36 international destinations
    > With free wireless router
    > Free 3 USB Modem (although you have to pay £49.99 for this and then they refund this to you on your account - sounds a bit iffy!)
    > 40GB download allowance
    > 18 month contract
    > Up to 8Mbps (depending on location)

    Anyway, as you can imagine, they're not into high downlaod useage and mega mega quick surfing for gaming is not their priority.

    I think the 3 USB Modem would be a waste as well.

    They do like inclusive calls at evenings and weekends and the broadband and the fact its around £17 per month.

    Now, I'm thinking - are there any other offers out there that give away a PS3 besides CPW? I said I'd see what other deals there are out there and if there's one that offers a PS3 or something equally good for not that much than £17 all in, might be best go go for that and I would bung 'em some dosh!

    I have AOL (I know, I know but I like it!!) and that was easy to install and go wireless. i even then did it on my sons laptop.

    So, what could you recommend??


    IMO don't go with Virgin. Nothing but hassle since they changed from NTL.

    I would recommend BE, been with them for a while now and the they have been great. I game alot online 2 xbox's and 1 PS3 connected so the better upload speed that BE offers is put to good use.

    BE Value Pack at £14 a month HERE

    That deal (minus the '3 USB modem') is TalkTalk's standard package. Your local exchange has to be unbundled and have TalkTalk's equipment connected otherwise they usually charge you can extra premium per month. (You can check at [URL=""]Samknows[/URL on the LLU operator presence box - presence or absence there doesn't always determine if you can get their services though).

    I'd be surprised if that particular deal gave you the free PS3, are you sure about it?

    Original Poster

    Thands EndlessWaves. The deal I listed didnlt include the PS3 but i know that CPW do include them if you go online. Just wanted to knoe if there were any similar deals but with the inclusion of PS3?

    Thanks for helpful info and links!

    [COLOR="blue"][COLOR="Blue"]I'm with orange (was wannadoo), been with them for years. I currently pay £12 pm for broadband (they recently sent me a free wireless router) and inclusive UK weekend and evening calls. Their customer service is meant to be pretty pants according to Which but I've had no problems at all. If you have a mobile phone contract with them, you can get an even better deal. As with all ISP's it's worth keeping an eye on their new packages as they don't automatically reduce your subscription unless you change to newer deals yourself.

    If you want satelitte TV, Sky do good broadband/TV deals also and they are usually open to negotiation on installation costs, probably more so now than ever. My friend got SKY+ and wireless broadband installed for £50 and £15pm (basic TV package)

    My neighbour had Talk Talk and it was nothing but trouble - I was round there every other day getting it sorted

    Whoever you go with, your connection speed depends on your distance from the nearest exchange. Don't pay for 16Mb if your line can only support 1Mb !

    Haven't seen anyone giving away free PS3's lately

    Hope this helps...

    If you want a cheap option, go for Sky/NTL.
    If you want a good service & support, albeit at a slightly higher price, then go for Zen.

    Zen rocks man, the best ISP by a mile in the country
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