Best Broadband Offer, No BT Line in Property

Found 12th May 2009
As per title,

We don't currently have a telephone line in our property so going to need to be paying line rental,

Were after an unlimited usage policy, 12 month contract and minimum 10Mbs connection speed.

I noticed O2 had a couple of good deals, or if I was to take something out with Virgin but just trying to find something for roughly £20 including line rental.

If anyones got any ideas would be superb.

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Have a look at this thread as a starter for 10.....
Well you ain't going to get 10Mbps on a phone line unless your local exchange supports it, and not all of them (probably less than half) do.

You can check on the samknows ]exchange search.

The ADSL and ADSL Max status are the standard 1Mb/2Mb/Up to 8Mb packages, that most ISPs offer. You can obviously get these.

The "21CN WBC" is the BT wholesale nationwide ADSL2+ (16/24Mbps) network that'll be fully rolled out by 2012, that'll allow you to get ADSL2+ from any provider selling WBC as well as ADSLMax (mostly entanet retailers like ADSL24 currently I believe).

On the right side you've got 'LLU operator presence'. These are the ISPs that might have installed extra equipment in your local exchange. If there's a cross there then that won't stop you from getting the ISP's normal ADSLMax (8Mbps) service. Some of these providers use the extra equipment to offer ADSL2+ speeds on non-WBC exchanges so it's worth checking if the ones you've got offer that (O2/Be are popular).

It also mentions whether Virgin is availible in your general area, but as it can't give specific addresses you're probably better off using virgin's own checker.

ADSL2+ and Line rental for under £20 a month might be tricky, even O2 charge £12.50 for their basic service unless you've got an O2 phone, ADSL and Line rentel for under £20 is ]definitely possible though.
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