Best broadband package right now


    - Good download speed (would rather a consistent speed but above 2mb but do not ming up to 8mb service)
    - unlimited download (or very high download, 30gb is adequate I would tink)
    - newsgroup service, faster the better
    - DSL only (cannot receive cable in my area).
    - Dont want free stuff like email, router etc if the package will be less without these.


    - Do not really need webspace but would not mind, might come in use.

    I think thats the normal requirements.




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    not sure if its dsl..

    Do U Or Does Anyone In Your House Have A Mobile Phone Contract? If Yes Which Network?

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    i am on o2 but its paid for by work.

    Do you have sky? If so their mid or max package would be unbeatable at £5/£10 a month. All the "best" packages involve "tie ins" where they give you the service and throw in the broadband cheap - great if you want the service anyway. You want newsgroup access - I presume this is for binaries? In that case I would get an easynews account - really fast and excellent completion - if you are technical you can get a newsreader (xnews, agent among others) which will look for pieces on your ISPs server and if missing will then go to easynews which really stretches your account limit. A lot of binaries are also on the torrent sites.

    Your speed depends on how far you are from the exchange and what (BT) cabling is installed in your area (Copper, Aluminium....) I would check that first if speed is of the essence ! some people are only getting 1-2 mb yet paying for 'up to' 8mb !


    i am on o2 but its paid for by work.??

    if your with O2 then u can get broadband for £8/mnth check out O2 website.

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    thanks guys.
    I have read on various forums and nearly everyone is saying stay away from sky BB.

    Yup newgroups are for binaries. I think I will end up getting an easynews account as speeds are sloowwww on BB newsgroup connection.

    My maximum speed is 5mbps in my area I have been told.

    hows the o2 service ? If its anything along tiscali/AOL/skyBB etc then I will need to stay away

    thanks for help so far !

    Are you with a broadband provider at the moment?

    If so:…ch/ is good

    Check out samknows and see if you can get "BE" £15 gives you up to 8 meg and unlimited downloads, no newsgroups but get a giganews/usenetserver/newshosting/astraweb account and away you go, if your able to get faster the 8 meg then you can pay for it but no need to IMO unless your a najor leecher.


    BeThere is great. Call them up and ask for free connection/setup and they might do it. I think they normally charge around 20pounds for it...

    iv got bt i think its good with free bt vision aswell

    Any of the entanet wholesalers, most of them have pretty much the same package.

    30gb peak 300gb off peak.
    No port/p2p blocking or traffic throttling
    Newsgroup access
    1 month contract (the clincher for me).


    eg -…php

    Im also with adsl24 and the month at a time clinched it for me also I have been with them now since July as I jumped ship from pipex because of Tiscali buy out, and cannot fault them at all great service here with full 8mb speed

    If Yo With O2 Then Check 02 Website............ U Get A Really Good Deal.

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    anyone else know of any new deals around ? I just know as soon as I will sign up, a better deal will come along the next minute !

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    ok guys, its that time when i need to cut down on BB charges Paying 7.50/m upto 8mb with o2 but no webspace and contentions getting pretty high

    anyone know of anything better ?
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