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Found 10th Dec 2006
Ive been on bt broadband for about 4-5 years now and they havent offered me much but an upgrade from 512k to 1mb and then to 2mb for free. I dont think this is enough especially since Im paying close to £30 a month.

I want to change service providers so that I can get better download speeds, more bandwidth and cheaper than what Im paying right now. I know this must be possible as there are so many deals around.

However, choosing a deal is the problem. Can anyone recommend a broadband package for me please ? Im not in a telewest/ntl area unfortunately !!

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anyone ?
i signed up to wanadoo for the free livebox...i kinda regret it now. we switched from bt to talk talk for our phone line and we now have free 2mb broadband, but im tied to a contract with orange(took over wanadoo)
i recommend to peeps now to swith to talk talk and get the free broadband, and then if you want wireless, just buy a wireless router.
we are with BT and have been for several years now. I shopped around just recently and decided it would be best to stay with BT for now. I have been with NTL previously and they too are excellent but unfortunately we are not in a cable area and so only ever had ntl with dial-up.
I am now receiving 8mb BB from BT with download totals up to 5GB per month and the option that if I go over the download I pay £0.30 per GB over and above that. This I pay £17.99 per month. I have also just signed up for free evening and weekend local and national calls for 12 months at a cost of £11 per month (includes line rental) so for just under £30 per month its not too bad a deal I think.
I have friends who are with Tiscali - bad download speeds, AOL - no customer service whatsoever, Talk -Talk - one friend signed up for them and got their phone calls almost immediatly and now 9 months later they still haven't got their 'free' broadband!! (and apparantly because it is offered as a 'free' service there isn't much they could do about it) Someone else with Sky, just awaiting their service to be activated this week so cannot comment on them.
I went to talk talk...quickly changed my mind about their broadband and didn't let them try it!! Ended back up with BT, signed up with Orange, now got livebox + 8mb internet for nothing due to my £35 a month mobile contract! And I live in the back end of no where in Buckinghamshire!
Switch your landline to Talk Talk and get free Broadband.>>BUT DO
Don't go with Sky heard nothing but negative about them on the other hand UK Online have been brilliant for me, on the 22mb package for £29.99 get between 12-14mb and 786k upload, not had one problem since joining up with them when the 22mb went live, been nothing but bliss since leaving Tiscali.

Have a look at ]http//ww…om/ got a good package search under Service Providers should hopefully find what your looking for.
I have switched to SKY Broadband after a few years of being with Tiscali.

Although I was a bit apprehensive at first as I did not know how if the service was going to be reliable but I now find it an all round winner.

I save £5 a month in subscription and increased the speed, (and I will eventually downgrade - speed will still be faster than Tiscali but Broadband will be FREE) I am currently paying £10 (up to 16mb) broadband.sky.com/
Got a free Wireless Router and Free Installation

I have a Desktop in my loft conversion and a laptop with a wireless connection. The router was installed upstairs (in the loft) and I found no problems whatsoever connecting my Laptop anywhere in the house) As soon as I switched the laptop on it found the connection and also for security reasons (from anyone hacking into your connection) you need to secure the connection on your laptop with your SKY no. and password no. which you will be given (it's on a credit card size type piece of paper)

With the Broadband Download disk you get a free 1 year Mc Afee Security Suite (which I much prefer to Norton) and so I uninstalled Norton on my laptop and added this on it so now I have bot PC's with free 1 year Security Suite
Don't forget that all quoted speeds are upto services, and this may not be the speed you actually get. Speed will depend on Network contention, distance from the exchange and quality of copper/alimunium in the ground. As well as your own internal wiring network.
I jumped from BT to Sky and have had no problem what so ever.
no no no no no no no no nononon ononnon lol

2 words

eclipse .... internet

£14.99 up to 8mb and its only got a cap from 6 - 12 midnight

make sure u choose the evolution offer

posted this on main board please read it everyone

Orange are very lax on usage despite any 30gb/40gb mentioned caps they are ignored if you avoid 6pm-11pm downloading they will ignore you even more so if you are put onto their LLU service (check [url]www.samknows.com[/url])

I pay £5/month for virtually uncapped, unshaped Orange ADSL (reliable provided by Planet Online and Orange 325mins-100sms/month mobile service.
I recently signed up with Toucan, and am happy with the service. £14.99/mo for up to 8MB when you take their telecoms deal too. Price includes either free weekend calls or cheap evening and weekend calls. (12 month contract)

Also you can move your line rental to them for £8.99/mo (12 month contract), which I think is cheaper than BT. They have a free answerphone service and friends & family type thing too. ]http//ww…spx
Im with Pipex (they took over Homecall)

I have their PipexMax + Hometime.

Pipex Max + Hometime comes with: FREE Modem, FREE Connection, FREE Security suite, FREE Off-Peak Local calls and FREE Off-Peak National calls.

And all i Pay is just over £30 a month. This includes line rental too! 1 bill, no fuss.

Birdyboyuk where does it state line rental included? Looked at the terms and agree it does look good but no mention of line rental
Telewest 2MB uncapped for £9.99 I think?

And all i Pay is just over £30 a month. This includes line rental too! 1 … And all i Pay is just over £30 a month. This includes line rental too! 1 bill, no fuss.

I'm with Nildram which has been taken over by Pipex (and it shows). Are you sure you don't pay BT line rental any more? I thought the package you refer to just handles the call charges and you still pay BT £12 a month. Would love it if it does include line rental!
My line rental is included with Pipex.

I don't if it could be the fact I moved from BT to Homecall, then Homecall were changing their name to Pipex. I had the option of going to their Broadband for £30 a month, so I did. Make sense??

If in doubt, you could ring them up and enquire. (If you do, please say I recommended you! :thumbsup: )

Just found this... ]http//ww…spx

What about my line rental?Switching to Pipex Homecall is easy. Your line … What about my line rental?Switching to Pipex Homecall is easy. Your line rental is billed in exactly the same way. The only difference you will see are the savings shown in your bill!

I will look in to it. I've been looking for somewhere which will compare the total cost of broadband providers which include line rental since this is the area which saves most money.
Ok guys, heres what I did in the end.

Called up BT telling them i am not happy paying them the amount I am for the service Im getting. A few options later, someone offered me free bt broadband for 6 months, and pay 24.99 for 6 months after. so thats 12.50 a month. 12 contract which is ok and upgraded my speed to 5mb. I also get a brand new wireless router which will prob go on ebay as i dont need it.

Good offer in my eyes, have gone ahead with it ! Whats your viewS ?
toucansurf.com are great the 8Mb is cheaper than the 2mb and it is an 'unlimited' download acount, the only time I have ever been capped was when we managed to download 17.5GB's in a day and even then the cap lasted for the rest of the week (5 days) and the data rate never fell below 60KB (480kb)

I realy do recommend them and you cannot beat there price

for the note its 14.99 for 8Mb unlimited
has any one beaten my price? Ime pretty sure its basically the heapest you can get
but whats their customer service like when you have a problem ?
am payin £20.99 for 4mb BT BB, if i callthem do you think they will give me a better deal?


but whats their customer service like when you have a problem ?

If you have an egg card you get £50 cashback with virgin who do 1MB Broadband for £9.99/month -Is capped at 3GB though.
Works out for the year at an amazing £70
Interesting deal, what's the service like?
Pretty good.....I've had no problems......

The customer service side of things is very good too.

And everything you have from them comes all on 1 bill, I have my broadband, telephone, gas, and electric all on 1 bill, with only onepayment coming out every month.
i just tried that link to that LLU, when i entered my phone number.it didnt say it was available or unavailable it just simply said,

LLU results for 0161 661 9765
This telephone number was originally issued by a cable telephone network.
If it is currently being billed by BT then we can connect you to our non LLU based service.
If you choose this option we will check your exchange regularly every 6 months to see whether our cheaper LLU based service has become available and if so automatically transfer your line so that you can benefit from the maximum savings possible.

what should i do.another question

im on ntl broadband now,if i change to another company,does that mean i have to change my phone line rental aswell.does broadband and phone line come as one.or could you have ntl phone line and then another company for broadband
to have toucan surf broadband,do you have to be a BT customer.i have ntl phone,broadband and tv,does that mean i cant have toucansurf
but i originally had bt.
If you are on Cable (NTL or Telewest) then you cant have broadband from anyone else unless you have a BT line fitted.
yeh for cable you need cab;e internet provider unless you have a bt line...

as for another post above their customer service is good not amazing but as good as you will get for 15.99.
But in comparison they are far better than AOL, and wanado.
There service is fantastic for the past 2 years I think I have had a maximum of about 4hours downtime and 3 of those hours was in one stint, we rang them up to find out what the problem was and they were switching some cables or something like that and gave us an ETA for completion and it was back up for that specific time (a rarety in networking )
The Pipex Homecall Anytime service is pretty good value. Customer service okay too - been with them for 12 months now.

Here is their upgrade offer :-

For only £29.99 per month, you will receive the following services:

- Up to 8MB Broadband (this will depend on the capacity of your exchange) £06.50
- Anytime (free local and national calls to all landline - 01 & 02 - numbers for up to 90 minutes) £09.90
- Line Rental (which we will arrange to be transferred into our care) £10.99
- International Option (save up to 98% on calls compared to BT) £02.60
- Mobile Option (17% discount on calls to mobiles) £00.00

Please note that upon upgrading your existing services to this package, you will enter into a new 12 month Broadband contract.

Should you require this upgrade to be undertaken, we will require the following account verification details:

I believe the up to 8Mb broadband is uncapped but have queried them just to make sure. The free phone calls are any time of day, any day of the week and work well.
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