Best browser for iPad?

Posted 7th Jun
Which browser do you use and recommend on the ipad?

I've used safari until now, no problems but on certain forums using the autoguide platform I get browser hijack by a BT survey for a free prize, it's some kind of phishing or scam no doubt. The forum admins have told me to use another browser as its a well known problem with safari and autoguide.
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All you need to do is clear your Safari cache, I've had that problem before. Go to Settings on your phone, scroll down to Safari, and then clear your cache and cookies. I'd stick with Safari personally as I prefer to user experience to Chrome on iOS but that's me. You can download Firefox and/or Chrome and try them out for yourself to see if it's something that you'd prefer to use.
@Haircut_100 I tried that but problem still there
Try Brave
Tried firefox, chrome & dolphin but always return to safari as it’s the fastest, most stable & best intergrated with iOS. You could always try installing an ad block app - there are plenty to choose from. That should block pop ups & redirects.

You can also block specific websites/ addresses in ios in the settings.…pad

Microsoft have just launched the new version of the Edge browser on iOS which might be worth a look.
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This what takes over the screen. Lots of other forum members have it happen too, in fact someone in Belgium has it but with Telenet instead of BT logo !
Hmm never used autoguide, but do other sites work? If yes , then I believe autoguide might have malware/virus on its site... So changing browser might not help
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Try resetting the iPad back to factory, had that a couple of times over the years and it went away after closing the page.
+1 brave
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