Posted 4th Jan 2023 (Posted 22 h, 47 m ago)
Hi all, looking for a budget TV for the bedroom. it will be up on the wall so need something which has good viewing angles. No space for additional speakers so fairly decent inbuilt speakers. It won't have an ariel attached and so will mainly be viewing iPlayer, xitv netflix etc and so something with inbuilt apps would be good although could get a firestick or something similar. Thanks!
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    The Hisense has a very cheap VA Panel with VERY Narrow viewing angles.
    The Panasonic is fine, plus Costco give you a 5 Year warranty with it though. That's absolutely fine... BUT they also stock the Toshiba UK4D for £20 Less with the same 5 year warranty - It's literally identical, the same TV Inside.

    Panasonic/Toshiba has decent sound, good viewing angles as well as the good warranty. The smart TV platform is actually pretty fast and stable, with periodic updates. A Roku/Fire device isn't a bad call, but the stuff built in is totally fine too as long as you aren't wanting Disney Plus or Now TV - They are missing. But all the others like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video etc are all present.
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    Did I not see recently a Samsung qled 43 inch for £100 over budget............worth every penny too. I have one in a bedroom situation.......stunning - apologies for the higher price over your budget.......... (edited)
    Hi John thanks for you help…913 is this the one? I did see that and was wondering how much difference there is between this and the other Samsung posted above for £329.99...
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    Avoid Toshiba and low level Panasonic as they are Vestels
    There’s nothing wrong with a Vestel if you’re looking for a cheap TV. They’re great for budget sets when comparing to the crap that other big brands pump out for the same price. They’re consistent and generally good for what you get. Especially with a 5 year warranty you really can’t go wrong!

    I say this as someone who has a couple of Vestel TVs in the house alongside a Sony XJ95. I know what a good picture looks like, and they’ve come the closest at the bottom end of the price range compared to the likes of a Samsung and Hisense that I have tried in comparison.
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