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Posted 9th Jun
Hi everyone!
I have a big question to ask.
I'll be moving soon in a studio where the WIFI is not provided.
I checked a bit around and I can't find a contract less then 20£ pm.
I'll be really on budget as I'm on furlough at the moment so I can't spend much, and plus and don't want those kind of long terms contracts, because I don't know how long I'm going to be living there.
I was also considering to get a sim with unlimited data, and use my phone as a router for my laptop.
I'd really appreciate if you could give me some wise advise.
thank you all.
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make sure your place will have a good signal
make sure your phone can be tethered
make sure whoever you choose to be your provider permits tethered devices
get best deal you can on unlimited data sim
I’m in the same position. Thankfully I had a friend who had a Wi-fi dongle (EE). I signed up to the Smarty £20 (1 month rolling contract) and have it inserted into the dongle. Had it going for 3 months now and not had any problems! I can cancel whenever I like with no fees plus there’s no need to use your phone as a hotspot. Hope that helps
Plusnet is £17.99 per month to most addresses.
Is it just lacking wi-fi or an internet connection at all? If it's just lacking wi-fi but does have an internet connection then all you need is a router or access point to give you wi-fi access to it.
If still functional, a cellular solution via Three bait and switch would provide unlimited 5G at under £8/m on 12month SIMO.…090
Thanks everyone!
Probably using the phone as hotspot will be the cheapest way at the moment.
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