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Found 1st Oct 2017
Hi All

Does anyone have any opinion on the best desktop PC that I can get for my kids to do their homework on?

ideally it would also be able to play my catalogue of old steam games as well

as cheap as possible, not looking for thrills or if it can run Crysis

we found this...…266

any good?

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Meh can’t run crysis or any games in

Was £12 last month

No, avoid any E, N or J prefix processors. The best option on a £250 PC is an Intel Pentium G or i3, although the A10/A12 models are comparable with the slightly older pentiums (G4520 and below).

Just get a decent one from gumtree. People are always after the best and always looking to renew what they have. You can get a good pc for a decent amount.

Original Poster

Thanks for the input folks, i will steer clear and have a gander on Gumtree for a more budget option.

Will look for an i3 or G pentiums thanks all.
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