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Found 22nd Jan
So, my son's 11, and wants a 'GoPro' for his stunt scooter. We don't want to spend Gopro money just yet, so I'm wondering if any of the fine people who frequent this site can make any recommendations for a cheaper, but half decent option. He's saved about £100, so that's the budget. Thanks in advance.
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I have an SJcam SJ4000 which you can pick up for about £30. It was the go to alternative to GoPro a couple of years back. The SJ5000 has wifi, which make uploads a bit easier and comes in at about £80.…443
I have used the sj4000 for lots of stuff on bikes and underwater and the video footage is very acceptable. Another advantage is the kit comes with loads of useful accessories.
Bizarrely, even GoPro clones are not immune from fakes! There are some useful guides on the net to spot a genuine SJcam product.
The SJ4000 and SJcams in general are pretty junk even a few years ago.

Much better off with an Xiaomi Yi, official store has them for £30-35 on amazon quite frequently or the 4k version for about £80. Both great options and pretty much the best for the price, use decent sony sensors.
|I partly agree, the Yi is loads better than the SJ4000, but the latest SJ5000 vs Yi tests have strengths and weaknesses for both. That said, my 4000 takes really good videos IMHO for the price, but the still images are poor.

I second the Yi camera.
Prices I'm seeing is closer to £40-50 for the base model and £99 for the 4k model. I didn't check through the entirety of Amazon though.
But am tempted to keep an eye out for the Yi 4k if it drops to £80 again.

Here's 2 skateboarding clips of myself from 2015 using the original Yi camera.

At 120frames 720p there is no sound recorded on these cameras.

That was from the burst photo mode as well. Compressed as I saved it from my brothers Facebook.
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