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Wife's old moto g getting slow now need a new one it's been an excellent budget phone but what to get now is a dilemma! I've got the Vodafone Smart ultra 6 unlocked which is brilliant but then there's the moto g4 just come out! Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Moto g4 much better than ultra 6. ie. better screen, faster response. better camera, better loudspeaker, faster wifi, Android 6

I have both

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Cool get the su6 for £109 then get unlocked for £2, g4 get for around £130 so looking best bet! Cheers

only let down with the Moto G4 is no NFC but I can live without that.

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Yeah saw that cheers tho

I've gone for something totally different got the lumia 650. it was just £100. if I don't like it will swap for g4 but it's got fab reviews

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Na stick with android thanks

I have the Huawei P8 Lite, after having the original Moto G, the biggest selling point for me for the Huawei was the screen size and expandable memory. Its pretty quick, I got a pretty good deal too.

Helen x
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