Best budget processors for building a PC

    OK ive decided im going to custom build a desktop pc, but ive got relatively low budget of about £200.
    I havent started looking at parts yet but i figured the processor would be the place to start, then i could work from there. Any suggestions on which proccessors are good/bad also where are the best places to buy the parts, ebuyer? or aria?
    Are core 2 duos the best for a small price?
    well anyway my brother and dad both got hp laptops about the same time for same price and similar specs 2.0ish GHz 3GB ram with vista. brothers had C2D processor, dads had a dual core amd, but dads is much worse and slower than my brothers, I dont know if its just the processor but theres a large difference, I dont want to end up with a rubbish processor like that. Ive not biult one before but its something Id like to do. Also you know they say its cheaper to build your own, well does that include the OS because wont that eat up my budget? Actually I think the OS will be OK as I have some XP keys from when that free technet deal was on here a while ago, i might just have to "obtain" an xp retail cd. Any help would be really appreciated.
    thanks guys


    £177 all-in. Worth considering ...

    Vostro 220 MT Standard Base Mini Tower Chassis
    Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor E5400 (2.70GHz, 800FSB, 2MB cache)
    English Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium (32 BIT)
    1024MB 800MHz Single Channel DDR2 SDRAM [1x1024)
    160GB (7200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive with 8MB DataBurst cache
    Integrated Intel Graphic Media Accelerator X4500
    Display Not Included
    Integrated 5.1 Channel Audio HD
    UK/Irish (QWERTY) Dell Standard Quietkey USB Keyboard Black
    Dell 2 Button USB Optical Mouse
    No Floppy Drive
    1Yr Collect & Return Warranty - No Upgrade Selected
    Norton Internet Security 2009 - 15 Month Protection - English
    **16X DVD+/-RW Drive For Win7**
    Microsoft Works 9.0 - English

    Might be worth upgrading the memory tho..

    If you want to build your own, these are great value for money :


    As :thumbsup: above ,Just buy this,The dell ,,,

    Original Poster

    yes i was thinking the memory might be a bit low. Thanks for that ill look into it. How much ram would you recommend?

    2 GB will do most folk. 4Gb if you are feeling flush.

    If Dell look expensive for the upgrade, get some from , or look about for a deal on DDR2 800Mhz.


    yes i was thinking the memory might be a bit low. Thanks for that ill … yes i was thinking the memory might be a bit low. Thanks for that ill look into it. How much ram would you recommend?

    You could ad another 2gb later for £20

    This is a good deal, you would find it hard to build it yourself for less.…624

    Hardly worth building one at that price.

    No OS, but as you say, that can be added.

    The main advantage to building your own PC isn't cost (I'm not convinced it's much cheaper, generally) but you have complete control over what bits go on it.

    I'd go for the Dell and add some RAM to it later if I were you. Excellent price and you get Win7 included

    building custom, is mainly for those who want to chose what parts they want, to suit there needs, it does work out slightly cheaper but only in the high end setups im talking 600-700+, anything below 400 will most likely be cheaper buying a whole base unit, generally because they can be manufactured at competitivie prices, due to bulk wholesale price on parts, and the competitive priving for low end setups. buy the dell and upgrade the ram using crucial/kingston. and buying OS retail is far more expensive, since manufacturers get subsidised prices on bulk from ms


    emasu;6677274 ordered one

    Might order 1 to, currently got the dual core. will i notice a difference with this?

    Depends on what your current dual core is and what you use your PC for I suppose.
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