Best budget PS4 headset?

    Thanks to this site, my Christmas present budget has stretched further than expected so I've got about £30 left to get a decent headset for my PS4.
    The best 3 I can see are:
    Turtle Beach P12
    Tritton Kama
    Raptor HS30

    Which is best or can anyone else recommend another?


    I am very happy with my Tritton Kunai (the next step up from Kama I believe). Got mine used for £7 off ebay but nothing wrong with it. I'm sure its underneath £30 new too. Sound quality is good and a removable mic so can also be used as comfy headphones

    My boyfriend just got a P12s to replace the ridiculous set up he had with his old xbox 360 compatible turtle beaches (he had a ridiculous number of adapters etc and still couldnt use the mic). I'm not sure if its just a faulty batch of P12s but he's now on the third set after having them replaced each time, such a shame as he says they're brilliant until they just stop working. So if you go for the P12s keep the receipt safe!

    Got these from amazon and they are dead simple to use - just plug straight into the DS4. No dongle required. They're a bit lightweight but the sound is pretty good and my friends say the voice is "crystal". Paid around £20 though they are currently £29.99


    the one that comes with it
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