Found 23rd Oct 2006
Mothers birthday in 3 weeks. She's terrible at navigation, always uses the RAC route planner print off software, and still usually manages to get lost due to not seeing road signs and we end up in the middle of nowhere.

It would only be for the UK, and specifically going to be more use to us for in-city navigation of streets.

She doesn't need a hugely fancy one, just a basic one that does the job, mounts in the car, can be updated and comes with UK maps and won't get us horribly lost.

Any recommendations?

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read at the bottom of this link, i highly recommend this one, its got the very latest maps.

here it is cheaper:

Try the Garmin £99 at carphone warehouse, free delivery. This comes out very high in the WHICH reviews.…0I3

Go through Quidco and get 10% cash back.

Iv never tried the garmin, what are the graphice like on them?
are they ok to use stephnic?

I haven't actually got one but I am just about to buy that one from carphone warehouse. My husband has picked this one as it was so highly recommended on the WHICH site. He never buys anything without fully researching it before hand.

There is also Navman 320 in Staples for 99 quid. I saw it on Saturday.

Thing is kommunist all they old sat navs have the old maps installed, you dont want that as in the end you will have to update and its going to cost you at least £80.

My best bet is get a new, just released one as its going to save you money in the long run.
thats where the F20 navman comes in, latest 2006 maps already installed.

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How often do maps need to be updated? Do roads change that much or is it that the earlier ones have mistakes / incorrect directions that have to be corrected? Is an older one really going to lead us vastly astray or is it a minor inconvenience that only happens on brand new developments?

I think that maps are normally needed to be updated once in 3-4 years unless you really want to spend a fortune (or you are regular newsgroup reader if you know what I mean).
And yes, I do have satnav (Blaupunkt TravelPilot with TeleAtlas maps and TomTom s/w on my mobile phone, which I hate, BTW). And I was using satnav a couple of years now.
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