Best budget smartphones within £140 & min 2gb ram & 32gb. what are my options?

Found 15th Oct 2016
I'm looking for a minimum of:
2gb ram
Fast processor (for multitasking)
32gb Rom (16 if expandable)

oh.. and a headphone jack!
price around or below £140
I'm not too bothered about:
fingerprint scanner (bonus if present)

what phones come under those specs? I'm not the most up to date with the latest phones

thank you


I'm not sure on what the best is, but I'd look at Motorola if that's your budget. I think the G range is around that price and know they have a 2GB ram model though last time I checked it was only available outside of the UK for that sort of RAM (though this could well be different now).

Other than this check out Huawei and some of the lesser known names. Sorry I don't have more specific info, just wanted to reply in case it helps. I know that something like this exists though it wont be available on big brands such as Samsung unless your willing to go second hand on flEbay.

Doogee X5 Pro got mine off Amazon, had no problems, really happy with it, around £56

Moto g4 it's an amazing phone

go the xiaomi root, e.g. xiaomi redmi 3s

Moto g, 2gb ram versions are good.
Wileyfox, decent
Vodaphone ultra 6 or 7 is decent

If it were me I'd go for the Moto g,

Original Poster

what about the xiaomi redmi pro note 3? I think the recent deals were about £120 ish.. but the problem with that is I don't know much about what processors are best, or global ROMs and how to flash phones etc

I'll have a look at all your suggestions thanks, any more specific links would be helpful too, thanks

The Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 is a good phone for the money, but I don't know if you can get it for £99 still from Vodafone or Amazon.

One plus one. 3gb ram 64gb memory. Camera. Is not so great. But fast versatile mobile. Has a lot of high end features and is still getting updates.

Around £100

Original Poster


Around £100

​where did you find it for £100? I've looked and it's at least £250+ new
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