Best Budget/Mid-Range Smart Lights

Posted 8th Mar
I’m looking to invest in a handful of smart lights around the new place (3x B22) which I’ll be linking to Alexa. The Philips Hue colour range are too expensive, and I’ve read not-so-great things about the budget IKEA range.

I’ve taken to Amazon for some browsing, but the market is flooded with brands.

Can anyone recommend a budget/mid-range bulb that does both various shades of white AND colour too?
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I have both hue and ikea, and also some ikea added into the hue system. I’ve had the most teething issues with the Ikea system, it’s very basic but it does the job and I think long term Ikea will have some great smart products .

Adding Ikea lights to the hue hub does work great but it can be a pain to add them. Some of the cheaper Ikea lights don’t dim very well. I have some of the cheap GU10’s that are great for on/off in the kitchen but they dim in stages, I then have some of the more expensive Ikea ES to B22 (converted) that dim perfectly.

just don’t buy wifi lights you want something with a hub that can be updated and secured. Some of these straight to WiFi lights just open your network up.

I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with the Ikea stuff either linked to a hue hub (£20 ish used) or the Ikea stuff which is way more reasonable on price. If you’ve any questions about it give me a shout
Tp link smart bulbs.
These have a verity of colours including various shades of white and they work well with Alexa…250
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