Best Buy AGP Graphics Card 256Mb

    I need to upgrade my graphics card - it keeps crashing my PC.

    Anyone know the best one to get and at the cheapest cost?

    I think I will be looking at the sub £40 bracket - general use, dont play games (have Xbox 360)



    This should do the trick:


    XFX FX5200 128MB DDR - AGP8x TV-Out

    You really don't need 256Meg if you aren't playing games. You hardly need 128Meg.

    [SIZE=6] £22.24 inc VAT[/SIZE]

    I have a 6600GT AGP card that I have in my old PC, was going to Ebay it. Would consider a reasonable offer - would probably put it in as a BIN on Ebay to protect ourselves.


    Seems you can get the card for about £85 new now.I would take £50 for my one. PNY 128Meg 6600GT.

    Mark - be damn sure before you lay the blame at your graphics card.
    If you are gaming you have the potentilal to crash the machine through faulty RAM, poor CPU / northbridge cooling and even the cooling of the graphics card itself.

    Since you are enot gaming .... went back and read your post properly ...

    I would say try and remove the driver for your current graphics card after downloading the latest ones from the net. These files will implement the latest bug fixes, etc. from the manufacturer, that may make your card stable. GL either way


    Original Poster

    Firstly thanks for the info so far people :grin:

    I have now had a good old fluff removal from inside my PC box and I think has half cured my problems.

    My PC now seems a bit more stable and none of the graphics break up - but sadly I still cannot install any proper drivers (original CD or new ones from the web), or it crashes.

    Anyone any clues - or is it new card time? (or new PC??)

    any help would be great


    Use two different programmes

    One is called driver cleaner and the other is registry mechanic
    Use the first to remove all traces of thedriver files that are on your PC for your current card. The before installing new drivers run the registry mechanic, don't be afraid it finds lots and lots of problems with an old windows install.

    Once these are removed then download the latest drivers from the ati or nvidia website. If the card is now in working order then you are landed. If it is still crashing you may need a new one, but that is still not certain

    The other thing i would suggest is installing a voltage monitor (software made by the motherboard manufacturer) to check and see that the power supply is working correctly. Most prefab computers come with a cheap as chips power supply and as time passes the supplied DC electricity can fluctuate quite badly - not good for either the CPU or the gfx card especially.

    by the sounds of the crashing when you install the new gfx drivers you have a corrupted file in there somewhere - Is this the original graphics card that came with the computer?


    Original Poster

    Thanks christt.....

    I try and keep my pc quite 'clean' - I have been doing a tidyup recently, but I will try those two programs to try and purge out the crap!

    In terms of my PC - I built. The motherboard has been changed but the graphics card (GEForce MX440 128Mb 8xAGP), is the original one I built with.

    In terms of the PSU, I will try and install a voltage monitor and see whats what.

    All this advice is great - I would like to get this fixed but I am alos looking at an upgrade (from ITCsales as mention on here) in the near future - I will use this as a backup machine though.

    all the best to everyone on this great site


    Original Poster

    Well I have tried driver cleaner and registry joy.

    The problem I have is that if I try to install any 'real' driver for the MX440 card then the monitor blacks out etc, I seem to be ok(ish) if I dont install a driver - what happend then is the screen becomes corrupt after a while - graphics go funny.

    I think I have two options - new card or new PC - I am currently thinking that I might look for a new spec PC then swop stuff over and then wipe this one and start again - worst case cheap g/card so I can use it as back up

    Any comments would be useful
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